Decorative plant hire in Canberra

Plantscape Design


We can provide you with exciting ideas and solutions to bring a beautiful transformation to your home, office, shop environment or that special event.

At Living Simply you can expect an original interiorscape or exteriorscape design concept that is tailored to your needs. The Living Simply team includes qualified professionals and horticulturists who are committed to design excellence and providing comprehensive care for your plants. We offer personalised onsite consultations and will work with you to develop your ideas to achieve a sophisticated look.

Living Simply prides itself on its large range of specialised plant species and custom containers, and we can enhance your space with water features, furniture, statues and urns from our boutique and nursery.

Decorative plant hire in Canberra

Plant Hire Canberra & All Capital Cities

Our plant hire system is simple low maintenance solution that will transform your space without the cost of regular maintenance.

To house the plants we only use quality containers, which are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours. Our containers are categorised into four groups, namely economy, standard, premium and deluxe. This enables us to provide the ideal design and display to suit your decor and budget. All containers are manufactured specifically for the indoor environment and are fully sealed to ensure no leakage or water damage.

Unlike most other plant hire companies, we do not commit you to any long-term contracts, unless requested. Invoices are issued at the end of each month and a 30 day account is provided.


Decorative plant hire in Canberra

Maintenance Service


All of our plant technicians are fully trained in specialised plant care and our service procedures include providing appropriate watering requirements, pest management, fertiliser application, pruning and cleaning.

Ensuring your plants remain beautiful and healthy is our passion! If your plant is looking tired we will replace it at no extra cost. Our customer service guarantee means that your indoor plants will be professionally maintained to ensure they stay looking fresh.